A worldwide first:
Symphonie Aqua Line

The revolution in plaster
impressions for
prosthetic sockets

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Product novelty:
Symphonie Aqua System Polaris!

The next generation of stock production - without time pressure, with complete process control and easy to operate.
The power of light!

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Romedis – Prosthetic technology in perfection

We, Romedis GmbH, are the world market leader in hydrostatic impression technology for prosthetic sockets.
What drives us? First and foremost, we want to help people with handicaps to be more active and mobile so that they can live as independently as possible.




    What moves us

    Symphonie Aqua Line Knee Sleeve

    Symphonie Aqua
    Line Knee Sleeve

    The innovative, thin and flexible texture of the Symphonie Aqua Knee Sleeve combines adhesion and control with wearing comfort and mobility.


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    Symphonie Aqua System Digital

    Symphonie Aqua
    System Digital

    The digital Symphonie Aqua System makes it possible for the first time to capture, store and process the effective stump shape under full load in 3D.

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    Romedis GmbH –
    The global market leader in hydrostatic impressions for accurately fitting prosthetic sockets

    The entrepreneur couple, Simone and Andreas Radspieler, have realised a revolutionary idea. In May 2015, they succeeded in making a worldwide unique development -- the Symphonie Aqua System – the hydrostatic plaster impression for accurately fitting prosthetic sockets.

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    Romedis improves lives of people with prosthetic legs

    Romedis improves lives of people with prosthetic legs

    The Romedis GmbH – with its Symphonie Aqua System -- has made a revolutionary advancement in fitting accuracy of prosthetic sockets.

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    Welcome to Romedis in Neubeuern.


    Testimonial patients

    Innovative prosthetic socket - Symphonie Aqua Polaris

    Innovative prosthetic socket – Symphonie Aqua Polaris
    Walk longer walk faster walk better - within minutes


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