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Presenting a World First at the OTWorld in Leipzig, Germany –
The Symphonie Aqua System from Romedis

The Symphonie Aqua System, developed by Romedis GmbH, has provided a revolutionary advancement in the fitting accuracy of prosthetic sockets. Now the company is presenting the Symphonie Aqua System and the digital version of the hydrostatic plaster impression system for the first time at the OTWorld in Leipzig, with several live shows.

The digital Symphonie Aqua System allows for a maximum of precision and efficiency in socket production.

The Romedis firm has achieved a new level in the fitting of prosthetic sockets with its hydrostatic plaster impressions of the Symphonie Aqua System. Now, by digitalizing the residual limb impression while bearing a full weight load, they have succeeded in further improving the fitting accuracy. Plaster overlays (or the like) are no longer necessary. The highest efficiency in socket production is achieved and total surface weight bearing is reached.

The OTWorld is the right location for presenting the Symphonie Aqua Line

The expertise and relaxed atmosphere present at the OTWorld provide a perfect location for the first presentation of the Symphonie Aqua Line. “This trade fair is a unique magnet for our national and international customers,” said Simone Radspieler, co-founder of the Romedis GmbH, in summarizing her impressions of the first day of the fair.

Satisfied customers represent the credibility of the Romedis innovations

The highlight of the presentation was the “live” plastering of prosthetic sockets on satisfied customers. They were all united in their passion for sports – from athletic sports, mountain biking or snowboarding, to kickboxing – and all described their new prosthetic sockets as perfectly fitting and pain free.

The Romedis product presentation was topped off with opportunities for discussion as well as a cocktail show, which quickly became the center of attraction at the fair.

Presenting a World First at the OTWorld in Leipzig, Germany
Presenting a World First at the OTWorld in Leipzig, Germany

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