Symphonie Aqua System DigitalInformation for orthopaedic technicians Symphonie Aqua System Digital

Symphonie Aqua
System Digital
Digital revolution in
orthopaedic technology

Digital intelligence reaches perfection in the
Symphonie Aqua System

What drives us is the challenge of applying innovation and the most modern technology in order to help disabled people restore activity and mobility, so that they can live as independently as possible.

Hydrostatic plaster impressions with the Symphonie Aqua System have already fundamentally changed the fitting of prosthetic sockets. The digitalization of the Symphonie Aqua System represents a revolution in orthopedic technology – the perfection of individual prosthetic socket production.

Symphonie Aqua System Digital

Highest efficiency

  • no additional materials, e.g. plaster
  • no reworking
  • savings of cost, time and materials
  • impression reproducibility
  • simple application
Symphonie Aqua System Digital

Highest precision

  • the individual form of the residual limb is completely and digitally measured while bearing the actual load; characteristic structures e.g. scar tissue, bony structures or areas which are not capable of withstanding loads are taken into account
  • higher custom satisfaction due to the perfect fitting and adhesion of the socket
Symphonie Aqua System Digital

Magnetic Field Tracking (MFT)

By means of Magnetic Field Trackings (MFT), the actual form of the residual limb is hydrostatically captured in 3D, while bearing full weight. The Symphonie Aqua Digital system combines individual socket production and ascertainment of the residual limb’s anatomy -- while bearing the actual weight -- with digital production, which requires neither reworking nor further effort.

Symphonie Aqua System Digital

Symphonie PREDICTION –
the digital intelligence within the prosthetic socket

Calculating future changes for the socket and acting with foresight

Using digital and medical parameters such as diabetes, blood pressure and BMI, the individual development of the residual limb anatomy is predicted. The Prediction tool can already calculate future changes in the socket during the initial measuring procedure. Anticipating necessary individual changes and adjustments to the socket -- based on medical facts and parameters – additions are produced and included in delivery for ensuring future accurate fitting.


  • Prediction allows for savings of materials, costs and time
  • acting with foresight, as opposed to reacting to possible occurrence of complications
  • perfect alignment, individual and accurate fit
  • scientifically based, developed with medical professionals

Symphonie Aqua System Digital –
The future of socket technology

We would be pleased to demonstrate the Symphonie Aqua System on your premises.
Please contact us directly concerning questions or individual consultation.



Symphonie Aqua System Digital Symphonie Aqua Digital, Booklet
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Symphonie Aqua System Digital Instructions for use Digital
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Symphonie Digital-App, Android Symphonie Digital-App, Android

Instructions for use

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Symphonie Aqua System Digital

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Symphonie Aqua System Digital

Aspiring to perfection – also with financing

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