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Symphonie Aqua
System Gravity

Total Surface Weight

Especially developed
for specific liner fittings

The Symphonie Aqua System Gravity was especially designed for preparing casts based on the »total surface weight bearing« philosophy. The special Gravity membrane ensures optimum pressure distribution across the horizontal and vertical regions of the residual limb. This allows the technician to produce a highly individualized socket impression. The system is particularly suitable for fitting liners with flow properties.

Symphonie Aqua System Gravity

Even pressure distribution

The special gravity membrane features even pressure distribution, especially at the distal end. The vertical supporting linkage of the membrane allows for increasing pressure to correlate to the body weight, yet without changing the contours of the residual limb.

Symphonie Aqua System Gravity

Optimal for limb bedding systems with flow properties

Due to the special flow properties of polyurethane liners, an absolutely even distribution of pressure (total surface weight bearing concept) is required. The generated pressure of the Gravity System provides an even precompression of the connective tissue structures of the extremities. This makes cast modification easier.

Physics beets art
simple - direct – accurately fitting

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Do I have to do any rework or modification?

An additional volume modification is necessary for all passive systems (SA Basic, Ready, and Gravity). The correct volume is already set for the Symphonie Aqua VC TT and TF systems.

How much do I need to reduce the plaster impression with the Symphonie Aqua VC?

Depending on the pre-cut socket edge proximal, each ML measurement in the supracondylar area must be reduced by 5 mm.

How can I calculate the pressure?

The pressure can be easily calculated by using the free Symphonie Aqua VC App. The link for the download can be found on our website.

Must the patient be capable of standing up for taking the plaster impression?

In order to determine an accurate fitting under a full load, the patient must be able to stand. The objective is to produce an accurately fitting socket for the patient.

Can I transport the VC system?

The Symphonie Aqua VC TT & TF Systems can also be employed for mobile usage. The systems are delivered in convenient cases, which can then be transported without difficulty.

Which types of amputation can I tend to with my SA system?

Trans-femoral amputation and trans-tibial can be serviced. The Symphonie Aqua VC TF System was developed for femoral patients. The Symphonie Aqua VC TT System can be used for tibial patients. Additionally, our systems enable ideal care for patients with knee disarticulation.

Which mobility grade classification can I service?

Mobility grade 1: indoor walker; mobility grade 2: limited outdoor walker; mobility grade 3: unlimited outdoor walker; mobility grade 4: unlimited outdoor walker with especially high demands

Which liner system can or must I use?

There are no restrictions concerning liner systems. We recommend the Symphonie Aqua Liner for providing an accurate fitting.

Can one tend to patients without a liner?

Yes. For this, we recommend the use of a stocking or a thin legging in order to exert a light pre-compression on the tissue.

If you are not sure which system is right for you, we will gladly offer you a demonstration of the Symphonie Aqua Line on your premises. Please contact us with any questions or for individual consultation.



Casting Lube

Casting lube

Ideal for use in the Symphonie Aqua system

  • good lubricating effect
  • odor-free
Aqua Gel Pad

Aqua Gel Pad

For use in the Symphonie Aqua VC TT system with exarticulations at the knee joint. The closed hydrostatic pad distributes the weight bearing completely evenly over the
anatomical form of the residual limb’s distal end. The partially elastic membrane completely adapts to the anatomical contours and provides a homogeneous pressure distribution on the limb. The anatomical form of the residual limb’s distal end are uniformly reproduced.

Casting Bags

Casting Bags (100 pcs.)

Protect the membrane from plaster residue



  • Symphonie Aqua System Basic
  • Symphonie Aqua System Gravity
  • Symphonie Aqua System VC TT
  • Symphonie Aqua System VC TF
Equalizing tank

Equalizing tank

  • Symphonie Aqua System Basic
  • Symphonie Aqua System Ready
  • Symphonie Aqua System Gravity


The 700 series of the Symphonie Aqua Liner is designed specifically for use in combination with the Symphonie Aqua System. The soft, 6 mm thick gel layer ensures good absorption of all forces acting on the residual limb. The medical-grade silicone is very friendly to the skin, anti-allergic and easy to clean.

For orders or questions concerning accessories, please contact us directly



Symphonie Aqua System Gravity

Operating Instructions
Download (2,5 MB, PDF)

Symphonie Aqua System Gravity

Symphonie Aqua Line, Flyer
Download (1,8 MB, PDF)

Symphonie Aqua System Gravity

Symphonie Aqua Line, Booklet
Download (5,5 MB, PDF)

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That's what our technicians say

The Advantages are Revolutionary

The Advantages are Revolutionary

Efficiency in shaft production has increased so that a tedious fitting of the trial socket is no longer required. That saves costs, time and materials.

Florian K.


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