The Advantages are RevolutionaryTestimonial orthopaedic technicians

“The Advantages are Revolutionary”
Orthopaedic technicians are impressed

In 2006, Florian K. began his training as an orthopaedic technician with the entrepreneur-couple Radspieler in Neubeuren. For eight years, he tended to patients with leg amputations in a conventional and manual manner, gaining know-how in providing care.

Since several adjustments were necessary, the process of making a prosthesis usually took many weeks, if not even months. Meanwhile, Florian has been working with the Symphonie Aqua System since 2015. The efficient processes of the innovative system have led to enormous advantages for him. “The effectiveness of socket production increased, so that tedious fitting of the trial socket is no longer required. That saves costs, time and materials,” said the 29-year-old.

Additionally, patient management and the entire workshop development have therefore notably improved for him. Also, the system has won him over with the use of a simple application. The Symphonie Aqua VC App makes calculating the recommended air pressure in the cylinder simple and easy for any technician. Florian also enjoys receiving the positive feedback from his patients, because the new Symphonie Aqua System enables the impression and resulting socket to conform perfectly to the anatomy of the limb.

Thus, “total surface weight-bearing” can finally take place for the first time. The patients are absolutely pain free from morning to night.

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