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Symphonie Aqua Line
The revolution in plaster
impression technology
for prosthetic sockets

An accurately fitting prosthetic socket already captured at the impression

Due to an innovative method, the Symphonie Aqua System has been able to capture the residual limb condition while exactly taking the body weight into account with its accompanying compression.

The Symphonie Aqua Line enables an absolutely realistic reproduction of connective tissue and bony structures while taking the plaster impression. The patient is already able to bear full weight onto the limb during the plaster impression. Even at this phase, valuable information concerning socket volume, bony protrusions and sensitive points of pressure on the limb can be gained. Under a full burden, the hydrostatic pressure in the cylinder counteracts the weight of the patient and compresses the surface of the limb. Consequently, total surface weight bearing of the limb’s surface is achieved and the individual residual limb condition is optimally reproduced. Thanks to this precise plaster impression technology, tedious fitting of the test socket is no longer required.

Symphonie Aqua Line

Plaster impression under a full burden
The innovation of socket production


For the first time ever, the innovative Symphonie Aqua System has made it possible to determine the residual limb’s burden within the prosthetic socket under actual conditions, and to produce a properly fitting plaster impression while the lower extremity is bearing full weight. Your advantage: absolute fitting accuracy of the prosthetic socket and less time spent for the adjustment process.

Symphonie Aqua Line

An accurately fitting prosthetic socket
Free of painful areas – no limitation

Owing to the hydrostatic impression process, the prosthetic socket is individually aligned to the patient. You are no longer limited in your daily life. Our patients are enthusiastic: everything is again possible -- from athletic sports, mountain biking and snowboarding to kickboxing. Seeing faces that are beaming with excitement make us proud and is our source of motivation.

Symphonie Aqua
Line Knee Sleeve

The innovative, thin and flexible texture of the Symphonie Aqua Knee Sleeve combines adhesion and control with wearing comfort and mobility.

Product information

The perfect fit for your prosthetic socket

FAQ’S about the product

Is the removal of the plaster impression painful?

Creating a plaster impression with the Symphonie Aqua System is completely painless.

When can a hydrostatic impression be made?

It is important that the wound healing process is complete. Furthermore, the patient must be able to stand for several minutes.

What does it feel like during the plaster impression process with the Symphonie Aqua System?

During the plaster impression process, patients have described feeling a tight, but evenly spread pressure situation on the residual limb’s entire surface.

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Symphonie Aqua Line

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What our patients say

Ivo, the Powerhouse “My Mind and Body are Again in Balance”

“My Mind and Body are Again in Balance”
Ivo, 40 years old, lost his left lower leg in an automobile accident in 2005. He has been a satisfied Romedis customer for the last five years and can once again pursue his passion for fitness with his new prosthesis. “I’ve tried to live my life according to the motto whatever it takes and – thanks to Romedis – this is again possible.

Ivo, the Powerhouse


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