Symphonie Aqua System PolarisInformation for orthopaedic technicians Symphonie Aqua System Polaris

Symphonie Aqua
System Polaris
Life changing difference

Anatomically perfect prosthetic socket Total surface weight-bearing in seconds

From a custom-fit cast (without plaster) to the prosthesis socket in just a few Minutes – more time left for your know-how and in patients-fitting.

With the new Symphonie Aqua System Polaris we are revolutionizing the Socket technology and give more time for patientcare. The socket is manufactured in one step and combines all the advantages of the Symphony Aqua technology.

Technicians and patients worldwide benefit from the new technology: Ultimate new materials, special-curing UV light, no plaster cast, no delay, no time-consuming processes of manufacturing and adjustment of the prosthesis socket.

Walk faster, walk longer, walk better!

Symphonie Aqua System Polaris

Key advantages

  • savings of costs, time and materials
  • socket finished in 5 minutes
  • easy to use
  • all advantages of Symphonie Aqua casting (e.g. full weight bearing, detection of characteristic structures, such as scar tissue, bony structures, sensitive areas in the residual limb
  • anatomy generates the custom-fit prosthetic socket
  • No additional materials e.g. plaster
  • Start curing whenever you are ready – no time pressure, no rush
  • full process control
  • Thermoformable and reworkable
  • Can be overlaminated in any design
  • Vacuum sealed material
  • Custom-fit prosthetic socket in just one step
Symphonie Aqua System Polaris

Our promise for sustainability, climate protection and environmentally consciousproduction

With the Polaris-system, we can together contribute to sustainable and resource-saving environmental protection.

The new process reduces waste, water, energy and materials and time and technical effort significantly minimized for patients and technicians.

You minimize

  • Time for technicians and patients
  • Energy, efficient energy management by saving resources
  • Waste, by reducing plastic consumption, plaster or similar impression materials
  • Water

More time for
patients and technicians

We would be pleased to demonstrate the Symphonie Aqua System on your premises.
Please contact us directly concerning questions or individual consultation.



Symphonie Aqua System Polaris Polaris, Booklet
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Symphonie Aqua System Polaris

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Symphonie Aqua System Polaris

Aspiring to perfection – also with financing

Lease our Symphony Aqua Line Systems. Talk to our partner, who can make you a customized offer.


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