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The accurately fitting prosthetic socket from the 3D printer – Symphonie Aqua goes DIGITAL!

Romedis revolutionizes orthopedic technology with its newest development and lays the foundation for the future of socket production.

By launching the Symphonie Aqua System – Digital, the Romedis GmbH has revolutionized orthopedic technology by perfecting individual socket production. The digital version of their Symphonie Aqua line has made it possible -- for the first time -- to capture the actual form of residual limbs in 3D while bearing a full load and to print them out from a 3D printer.

At the Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists (AAOP) in Orlando, Florida in March 2019, this digital impression system will be presented (live) for the first time. Andreas Radspieler, inventor and Managing Director of Romedis GmbH, will also be introducing a tool that will enable technicians and patients to truly be fit for the future. This so-called predictive tool provides future fitting accuracy before a patient’s residual limb undergoes change.

Four years ago, the patented Symphonie Aqua System had already made it possible to determine the load points of a residual limb in its prosthetic socket under actual conditions, and to produce a completely accurately fitting plaster impression while bearing a full load. By means of hydrostatic pressure, the soft tissues, bony parts, pressure and pain points, as well as scar tissues on the residual limb could be optimally reproduced. Total surface weight bearing was therefore realized for the first time.

The advantages of the efficient impression system are obvious for orthopedic technicians as well as for patients: the efficiency of socket production increases as the tedious fitting of trial sockets is omitted. This saves costs, time and materials – enabling markedly improved patient management. The patients are very pleased with the accurately fitting prosthetic sockets, absence of pain and a new attitude towards life.

Digital intelligence reaches perfection in the Symphonie Aqua System
Now, Romedis is introducing its newest, completely self-developed innovation: the Symphonie Aqua Digital System. Using recorded measuring points in the system, it is now possible to have a digitalized impression for a subsequent production of the prosthetic socket by 3D printing. The anatomy of the residual limb is digitally captured. During the measuring process, as patients place their residual limbs in the Symphonie Aqua cylinder and feel the water pressure, they already get an impression of how a completely individualized trial socket will feel. Once the moment arrives when the patient feels comfortable, the orthopedic technician activates the so-called sensor star. This, in turn, is located in an initiated magnetic field. The sensor sends the measurement data to the Central Control Unit (CCU). There, an algorithm for the three- dimensional prosthetic socket is computed. After 2-3 minutes, this is portrayed as a visual result on the monitor. The procedure is repeated two to three times. By means of the final calculated average value, the technician simulates a situation relevant to everyday life. If the measuring result appears to be consistent, the technician concludes by operating the export function. There are basically two export possibilities: either the device sends the data directly to a connected 3D printer or to a service provider who produces the socket on behalf of the technician. Since the residual limb form is determined while under a full load, this technique achieves the highest efficiency for socket production and for total surface weight bearing. Plaster foil or similar materials are not needed. Reworking can also be dispensed with. For those who wish to see a live procedure, one can attend the AAOP in Orlando from the 6th to the 9th of March. At stand #918, the Romedis GmbH will be demonstrating the procedure from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

Looking ahead: the predictive tool – foresighted socket adjustments, individually produced
A product’s longevity or sustainability continues to increase in importance as a selling point with customers. This topic is particularly important to Andreas Radspieler, Managing Director of Romedis GmbH, who has come up with a breakthrough success. Based on certain general and scientific parameters and experience, he has developed an algorithm which pre-calculates at which location and to what extent a patient’s residual limb will change in the foreseeable future. Weight fluctuations, increased training frequency, water retention in body tissues as well as illness play a major role. Based on these values, a socket alteration is constructed and produced which is able to equalize the pre-calculated deviations. If required, this feature allows for the prosthetic socket to be again optimally fitted, based on the digital impression of the residual limb. What is the outcome? Thanks to the foresightful production of the socket and the possibility for flexible reworking by means of individually produced fitting, the socket fits the patient optimally and prevents damage at the residual limb in advance. What a convincing argument for sustainability!

When ordering the Symphonie Aqua VC app, the predictive tool is also offered and can easily be included in your order.

Symphonie Aqua System - Digital

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