Physics beats ArtTestimonial orthopaedic technicians

“Physics beats Art” - The Symphonie Aqua System is also making a strong showing in the USA.

At the University of Chicago, a test was conducted on 25 lower leg amputees, headed by the academic, Stefania Fatone (PhD, BPO). First, the plaster casts were prepared in a traditional and manual manner for the test subjects, by none other than the world-famous orthopaedic technician, Ryan Caldwell.

Afterward, a second impression was made on the same patients by inexperienced students, but using the Symphonie Aqua System. The results of the test sockets were clear-cut. In a blind test, all of the test patients preferred the Symphonie Aqua test sockets, due to their better fit.

“That is absolutely revolutionary”… “Physics will beat art every time” were the comments expressed by both the academic and the experienced orthopaedic technician.

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